GS-35B Tube Amplifier

This "Home Brewed" Amplifier uses a single Russian GS-35B Power Tube  and  has an output power of 1.5 KW.
It covers 160 through 10 Meters.
It is built to last and provide many years of reliable service.


Amplifier Chassis Frame

 Empty Cabinet From Fair Radio, Lima Ohio

Rough Cut For Meters, Switches and Counters

Side View Just After Installing Load and Tune Vacuum Variable Caps

Initial  Fit of all Counters, Switches, Handles  and  Meters

Auxilary Capacitors for Loading and Switch

GS-35B Tube without the COOLER !

Bottom View of Tube Filament Circuitry

Grid Current Meter

Plate Current Meter

Top View of Amp With Everything in Place

Isotropic View with Top Cover in Place

Rear View With Input Tuner mounted on the rear
I chose to move the tuner to the side of Amp for convienience when using it.

Finished Amplifier in its Cabinet! It has been a wonderful amplifier so far and tunes up nicely.
A real pleasure to use!
Bill W4NFR

Page 1 Schematic

Page 2  Schematic

Page 3 Schematic

Page 4 Schematic

Note: The HV PS is the same as the (2) 3-500Z Amplifier.

The End !